Valentine’s Day Special- we care- Coupon

Valentine’s Day Special – we care – Coupon. A thought from us.

Love is what keeps humanity going. During this pandemic, it is our love and care for ourselves, our family and friends which kept us following the guidelines put forward by the Health Department.

Our love, is what made us want to protect them and keep them safe. Distance, which have been hard on everyone, was a sacrifice many preferred to keep. Undoubtedly this kept loved ones and ourselves safe. Although this hard time is not yet over, we look forward to a better future, when we can show our love with hugs once again.

On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, we show our appreciation with small gifts.
It is a day where we share gifts with partners, and people we find important. These people make our heart whole or make it beat faster. Without a doubt, these are the people we cherish in our lives. Nonetheless there is also the love for oneself, where we accept ourselves for who we are with our flaws and all.

Hence, at Plush World we have created a discount coupon to celebrate Valentine’s day. This coupon can be used on our Disney Couture Kingdom jewellery range. The coupon gives a 10% Discount on any jewellery from the abovementioned brand. Coupon is not valid on sale items. To redeem voucher type Val10 in the coupon bar at checkout.
The Coupon is valid till the 14th of February 2021

With love and care,
Plush World

Valentine's Day Special jewellery coupon

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