Concocting Potions and Magical Spells

concocting potions and magical spells -  Harry Potter items

Concocting potions and magical spells

In a place not very far from here, an abandoned castle sits on a jotting piece of land. Do not be tricked, it is more than it seems.

Wizards and witches flock there every year, to learn how to concoct potions and magical spells, we only dreamt about. Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry is made unplottable, maybe by a protective spell, or disillusionment charm. Protected from the eyes of Muggles, they are surrounded by magical creatures and demons we wouldn’t want to meet in our nightmares.

Without a doubt, it is a word we would love to get to know. Hence, at our shop you can find the necessary supplies to purchase to complete your school list.
What classes will you attend? What items do you require?
From wands, to cauldrons, books, pens and cups. Your enrolment letter is just an owl flight away.

In other words, we have you all ready and set up to start a new experience in the magical word of Harry Potter! You can now start concocting potions and magical spells

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