A friend in the dark, a friend by my side

After a long day, we all look forward to head to bed, a comfortable place where our tired body can finally relax. As parents, we know this is the final battle of the day. Although it is the final, it is one of the most difficult, yet one we truly want to win as fast as possible. Our bed is calling after all!
Tired or not, our children, fight through it as hard as possible. Bed time means fun is cut short, just because we parents said so.
At Plush World we have been looking for loveable toys which can make bed time fun yet relaxing, helping a child transition to a more relaxed atmosphere.
We introduce these fantastical animals.
Meet our beloved Timo Clapping Toucan, Danny Peek-a-Boo Pup, Liz Comforting Lamb, Fin Reading Light lamb, Max Night Light Monkey

  • Fin light
  • Max
  • Liz the lamb

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