Business Trip

On one of the coldest weeks of February, Plush World was all set to go abroad and visit the well known business fair, Ambiente, in Frankfurt, Germany. Appointments had been set with suppliers, so off we went.


We landed at night and grabbed a cab to the Trans World Hotel in Seligenstadt, to relax and prepare for the following day.
The next morning we woke up refreshed, hungry but that is what breakfast is for, and ready for the fruitful day. Another cab to Frankfurt, and at 9.30am we were at Ambiente, excited like 2 young children given some unexpected candy.

The Fair

As soon as we arrived, it hit us that this fair is huge; well that is an understatement maybe humongous or rather gigormous. 12 huge halls with different levels were expecting us. Nonetheless, our morals were high, and not even the long never ending entertwined corridors, could prevent us from finding our way. We finally managed to find the first hall, where we had 3 meetings. All meetings went very well, and we were so happy to finally meet the people we are in constant contact with from behind a screen.

We got to see the new range of items, which are currently in production throughout this year. At Plush World we make sure that all items are originally licensed, as we strive to bringing great quality products to the Maltese Isles. Our main focus has been to expand our Disney Home range and Harry Potter.

Disney 100th

Disney 100th Anniversary range is only available for this year 2023 and production will then be stopped. This limited edition range is chic and timeless

Being the Disney 100th Anniversary, a good range of new products are being produced to commemorate the life and stories created by Walt Disney.

Additionally to the Disney 100th range, there have been a boom in Disney Homeware, with Disney grouping all homeware products under one collection; Disney Home.

Furthermore we were shown some of the new packaging. It was brought to our attention that one of Disney’s requirments for their packaging is to avoid single use plastic. Most packaging is recycled cardboad paper, specifically created to be recyled once again. This is ideal for a world which is evolving and moving away from plastic waste.

Warner Bros 100th

Simultaneously to Disney celebrating their 100th anniversary, Warner Bros are also having their 100th Birthday. Therefore, there have been a sudden increase in various designs and productions of character merchandise. We can see new productions for Harry Potter and also DC Comics. These will also be available later on this year, while others might be on order.

Licensed Stationary and more

As we went from one appoointment to another, our next appointment was with a manufacturer and also a B2B supplier. Throughout 2022 we managed to build a business relationship. Their new range is different from what they have created so far. From producing mainly 2D items and stationary, they are now also exploring 3D productions.

Our Return

After we finalised our meetings we met other suppliers with other products. We hope that in the near future we will be adding other ranges to our collections. During our visit at Ambiente, the Christmas Fair was also in progress, where we got to see new designs. But, that is for another post where we will look at Disney Christmas decorations and more.

Our trip was pretty short, as the main aim was to meet suppliers and finalise agreements. Upon our return, we also managed to secure another brand with licensed gardening tools for young and old, which will soon be available on our website and shop.

Last but not least, we managed to secure sole importation rights on 3 main brands, making our shop unique. Therefore, Enchante’ by Plush World will always be a “trove with treasures untold” waiting to be discovered and explored.

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