Disney Christmas Decorations – Business Trip

Business Trip part 2

During our visit to Ambiente fair, there was also a Christmas fair taking place. When you are an importer, as soon as New Year is over, you need to start preparing for the coming Christmas, even if this is nearly 12 months away.

Hence, as we were roaming the corridors, we opted to go visit a particular stand which had licensed products. It was a scene from a fairy tale. Trees decorated with lights, characters from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel all hanging in syncronization, transforming each tree into a magical one. A complete Christmas Wonderland filled with characters we all know too well, creating an ambience of longing, which made us reminisce about our childhood.

There were a trees with Disney Classical Animals, one of Star Wars, another of Avengers, Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh and finally but not least Mickey and Friends.

Furtherbelow, photos from the fair to share some of the Christmas Magic we experienced.
We wil be having some of the ranges later on during the year. Some items might be on pre-order even during Summer, as products tend to sell fast from our suppliers, towards Christmas.

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