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Beaker Creatures® Alien Experiment Lab

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The power of out-of-this-world creature science is yours! Start your own amazing science adventures with the Beaker Creatures Alien Experiment Lab.

  • Within this science kit lie all the tools needed to perform out-of-this-world experiments including how to make slime, dough and other amazing science experiments all inspired by Beaker Creatures and their far-off planets.
  • Other activities include make your own Beaker Creatures pods, soak your creatures in slime, set off a bubbling reaction – then learn the science facts behind the fun!
  • With the set’s 20-page full-colour experiment booklet, there’s always more to discover!
  • Experiments include:
    • Putty Peel-off
    • Make your own reactor pod
    • It’s slime time!
    • DIY Clay
    • DIY Dough
    • The incredible expanding bag
    • Freeze out!
    • It’s alive
    • Let’s Dance!
    • Soft Cement
    • Plastic Milk
    • Marvellous Nebula
  • The Beaker Creatures Alien Experiment Lab comes with two Reactor Pods containing mysterious surprise collectible Beaker Creatures – trigger a bubbling reaction and see which creature you’ll discover!
  • The lab also includes two mini-posters filled with cool quiz questions inspired by real-world science facts, as well as an exclusive full-colour poster containing all 100+ Beaker Creatures and their families.
  • Household ingredients for the experiments are not included.
  • Includes multilingual activity guide.

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