Majorica Blue Set

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Majorica Blue Set

Majorica Blue Mug

Majorica Blue mug with a classic and elegant style. Pair it with the rest of the collection.

Material Porcelain
Dimensions 10X9,5X12 cm
Instructions for care Dishwasher, Microwave


Sugar Bowl Majorica Blue

Majorica Blue sugar bowl with a classic and elegant style.

Material Porcelain
Dimensions 9,5X8,5X8,5 cm
Instructions for care Dishwasher


Oval Tray Majorica Blue Cm. 31X25

This tray is in a classic and elegant style but with an ultra-modern material.
This serving tray in Blue is ideal to serve that special dish you would like to share with your guest.

Material Melamine
Dimensions 2,4X24,9X30,8 cm
Instructions for care Dishwasher, No Microwave


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