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Technical parameters

Dimensions and weight

Fort Knox weight – 250g

Dimensions – 12 x 10 x 11.5 cm

Inside compartment – 9 x 9 x 4 cm

EAN 0096718787500

The kit includes:

1. Fort Knox

2. Flyer – instructions for solving problems

Do you need help solving the puzzle? Scan the QR code from the flyer and go to the Fort Knox online tips page.

Available in English and other languages.

Playing time

Fort Knox is a simple game from EscapeWelt intelligent game series. Fort Knox has an average completion time of 25-40 minutes.

Play alone or with friends and family. You can share the experience of puzzle solving with two to three other players.

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The history of the toy

In 1947, an event occurred in the US state of Kentucky that turned the criminal world upside down. The legendary thief Al Capone entered one of the US’s most secure vaults. Knowing his life was near an end, Capone had a brilliant idea to hide all the loot he had stolen in plain sight. His location of choice? The Fort Knox storage facility.

The gold vault was considered the most secure location in the world: its walls were made of granite, covered with a layer of concrete, and a 22-ton door protected its entrance. To open the door, you need to access the code, which is divided among several people for added security.

Al Capone made his way to Fort Knox and laid the coin there, locking it away. Now the legend is confirmed, and the entire underworld wants the coin.

Do you have what it takes to steal the Bubu coin?

Then take part in a battle with the entire underworld! Infiltrate the impenetrable Fort Knox and be the first to pick up the legendary coin.

A portable version


A portable version

A portable version of an escape room you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Search for the code and unlock the hidden treasure inside Fort Knox.


Increases IQ level


Increases IQ level

Increases IQ level. For 25-40 minutes your brain will be pushed to the limit and form new neural connections.


Suitable for any age


Suitable for any age

Suitable for any age (from 12+) from teenagers to the elderly.


A gift in a gift


A gift in a gift

A gift in a gift! The game set has a compartment measuring 5 x 5 x 5 cm. perfect for an extra gift.


The recipient will need


The recipient will need

The recipient will need to solve all the riddles before opening the game and receiving your present.


Decorate your home


Decorate your home

Decorate your home with a new custom decor. You will be able to find practical use for this game in any room.



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