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Trapped Escape Room Game Art Heist

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Turn any room into a family-friendly, action-packed, escape room adventure for 2-6 players. Suitable for adults, families and children aged 8+. 3 themed game packs available. Carnival: Solve the puzzles and live the dream (puzzle level EASY). Art Heist: Steal the painting and flee the scene (puzzle level MEDIUM). Bank Job: Crack the clues and open the vault (puzzle level HARD). Perfect gifts for families. Each box has everything you need to turn any room into an escape room.

An action-packed escape room experience for families – turns ANY room into an escape room.

Clever clues to crack and puzzles to solve, all you need to add are the people to play and the cunning to escape/live the dream!

Available: Carnival (puzzle level EASY), Art Heist (puzzle level MEDIUM) and Bank Job (puzzle level HARD). Each one takes 1-2 hours to complete depending on your level of cunning.

Each family game box contains everything you need to turn the room of your choice into an escape room including the easy peel tape!

Designed by real excape room experts – Trapped is the next best thing!

  • Contents: Depending on game pack contents can include Puzzle Cards, Riddles, Clue Reader, Secret Envelope, Door Lock, Posters, ID Badges, Clips, Sticky Tape, How to Play Booklet, Book of Clues.
  • 2 or more players.
  • For ages 8 years and over.