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A Disney Symphony of new figurines

A Disney Symphony of new FigurinesAnd as the magical music played at the background, we were amazed by what our eyes were seeing. As importers we are used to viewing a great range of products, that is the easiest part of the whole job. The difficulty commences with which items we should add to our

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HH plush toys

Cute and Cuddly – Plush Toys

There is something in soft toys, which makes us say, “Oh!” when we see them. It then follows with, “So soft, cute and cuddly!”We have to admit, we are guilty of the above. Our new range of plush toys is precisely all that. As a result, while opening the new consignment, our hearts melted. They

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Be our Guest! -Don’t believe me? Ask the Dishes

“Be our guest! Don’t believe me? Ask the Dishes!” …our dishes unfortunately do not sing and dance, but they surely can make dinner rich, fun and enchanted. Our new range of Disney licensed products include some beautiful plates. Made out of Porcelain with a 21cm diameter, these plates are a must have for Disney lovers.

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