Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place an order or make a purchase?

Thank you for your interest, ideal, orders are placed through our website, unless you visit us at our shop.
If you are searching for any particular item, do leave a message through the chat icon on the right hand bottom corner of our website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you provide delivery?

Yes we do! We provide free delivery on orders over 50 Euro all over Malta.
Orders less than 50 Euro carry a small charge.
Charges can be found in the link below:
Deliveries to Gozo carry a 5 Euro charge for boxes weighing less than 20kg.
These are sent by Maltapost courier.

How can I process Payment?

We accept Cash and Card payments at our shop.
In regard to delivery we appreciate if the exact amount is given.
We also accept BOV Mobile banking or Revolut.

Through the website we accept Cash on collection/delivery, BOV mobile pay or Revolut mobile pay. These are all visible after you add items to your cart.

Are your things original?

A big fat YES! All our products are EU imported, most of them from manufacturers from across Europe.
We are proud of bringing only Licensed products and no imitations, to make sure we offer the best quality items available on the market.

Do you provide gift receipts?

Yes, we provide gift receipts on request.
Gift receipts are valid for 30 days from delivery date, which will be listed on the gift receipt to make sure recipient can view it with ease.
Gift receipts cannot be extended, disregarded by recipient and neither exchanged for monetary value.
An item can only be exchanged if it is still new is it’s original package, undamaged and on presentation of the gift receipt within the time frame of validation.
We are not responsible for any reason why gift receipt date is surpassed, we list it on gift receipt to make sure one is informed.
Terms and conditions are written on gift receipt to ensure they are well visible for clients.
Other terms and conditions may apply depending on company policies.

When are deliveries held?

Deliveries are held on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays and also on public holidays when possible. This depends on the route allocated for that particular day.
We will always get in touch with you before affecting deliveries.
There are days when we can provide delivery on the same day, if orders are placed in the a.m. and our route is not already full.
We have delivery routes scheduled twice a week to reduce waiting time.
Please do bear with us if some deliveries are delayed, we are humans too and sometimes we might have a bad day and things might come up without any notice.

How do I care for the Disney Jewellery?

Remember!  A little tender loving care goes a long way!  All our jewellery complies with EU REACH regulations for safe metal content.

Disney jewellery by Couture Kingdom items are made using either 14kt gold-plated metals (unless otherwise stated, i.e. the Sterling Silver/ Gold range or stainless steel). Please be aware that they will tarnish over time and do need to be cared for.  To prolong the life of your piece, here are a few tips for looking after your cherished Disney jewellery!

  • Avoid wearing perfume at the same time and in the same place as your piece of jewellery. The chemicals in the perfume react with the plating which will cause it to tarnish. Household cleaning products, strong body lotions and hairspray can have the same effect.  The droplets can damage plating and finishes so do treat your jewellery pieces with care.
  • It may sound obvious, but please, no showering/sleeping/swimming in your jewellery! Children should be supervised when wearing jewellery.
  • Continuous wear will erode the plating over time – this is completely normal as no jewellery is indestructible.  When not wearing, store the jewellery in its box, pouch or wrapped away in a drawer.
  • Give them a little clean occasionally and they will love you that much more. For plated materials, a light wipe with a mild soap works wonders. Rather than towel drying which may scratch the metal, give them a gentle breeze down with a hair dryer.  For Sterling Silver items, use a Silver cloth available from most supermarkets.
  • No tangles!   Display your jewellery on earring holders, necklace stands, bracelet and watch displays to avoid messy tangles that can harm your accessories.
  • No direct sunlight. Many components used in costume jewelry can be sun affected such as wooden beads, bone beads and the like so keep them out of the sunlight.
  • Keep pieces apart! When storing, traveling or carrying your jewellery around use a roll – also known as an organizer – as it is soft so it protects your treasures from nasty knocks.  Storing them together can lead to scratches and crystals being knocked out.

“Help, my jewellery is turning my skin green!”

Don’t panic.  If your skin tend to go green when you wear jewellery, worry not! It’s simply the alloys in the metal reacting to your skin; every person has a unique skin pH level. The average is 5.5 but some have more alkaline skin, others are more acidic. This means that for each body, it will produce more or less moisture and acid dependent upon this pH level. This, combined with external factors such as washing your hands, applying lotions or perfumes etc, can react with your jewellery so it’s important to clean your pieces regularly. In short, there’s nothing wrong with your jewellery and there are no adverse effects. Just follow the tips above and you’re golden (not green.)

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