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Keep yourself updated with our latest products, our latest plans and brands. At Plush World we have been working hard to introduce new licensed products to the Maltese market.

Since we remeber, we loved Disney and as years rolled by, we met knew characters through different films, tele-series etc. As mothers, we tend to learn about new characters as we watch new cartoons. We have to admit, we still look forward to a new cartoons or magical character. Hence, Plush World is constantly growing and looking for partnerships with manufacturers with licensed products.

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Disney Christmas Decorations – Business Trip

Business Trip part 2During our visit to Ambiente fair, there was also a Christmas fair taking place. When you are an importer, as soon as New Year is over, you need to start preparing for the coming Christmas, even if this is nearly 12 months away.Hence, as we were roaming the corridors, we opted to…

Business Trip

On one of the coldest weeks of February, Plush World was all set to go abroad and visit the well known business fair, Ambiente, in Frankfurt, Germany. Appointments had been set with suppliers, so off we went. Arrival We landed at night and grabbed a cab to the Trans World Hotel in Seligenstadt, to relax…

Homeware at Plush World

Everyone loves to decorate their houses and have beautiful items to set their tables. There are some who love the soft pastel colours with a little elegant detail, while others love Disney and would like to share the magical feeling and enchantment that every Disney product brings with it to our homes.At Plush World we…

Enchante’ by Plush World

It has been a very busy couple of months, as we worked tirelessly to refurbish a shop. The magic was getting too strong, and the characters wanted an ideal place to reside until they found a loving home.We cleaned, sanded walls, passed new lighting, plastered and painted. The wands were tucked away safely away from…

A friend in the dark, a friend by my side

After a long day, we all look forward to head to bed, a comfortable place where our tired body can finally relax. As parents, we know this is the final battle of the day. Although it is the final, it is one of the most difficult, yet one we truly want to win as fast…

A Disney Symphony of new figurines

A Disney Symphony of new FigurinesAnd as the magical music played at the background, we were amazed by what our eyes were seeing. As importers we are used to viewing a great range of products, that is the easiest part of the whole job. The difficulty commences with which items we should add to our…

Cute and Cuddly – Plush Toys

There is something in soft toys, which makes us say, “Oh!” when we see them. It then follows with, “So soft, cute and cuddly!”We have to admit, we are guilty of the above. Our new range of plush toys is precisely all that. As a result, while opening the new consignment, our hearts melted. They…

Be our Guest! -Don’t believe me? Ask the Dishes

“Be our guest! Don’t believe me? Ask the Dishes!” …our dishes unfortunately do not sing and dance, but they surely can make dinner rich, fun and enchanted. Our new range of Disney licensed products include some beautiful plates. Made out of Porcelain with a 21cm diameter, these plates are a must have for Disney lovers.…

Concocting Potions and Magical Spells

Concocting potions and magical spells In a place not very far from here, an abandoned castle sits on a jotting piece of land. Do not be tricked, it is more than it seems. Wizards and witches flock there every year, to learn how to concoct potions and magical spells, we only dreamt about. Hogwarts school…

Valentine’s Day Special- we care- Coupon

Valentine’s Day Special – we care – Coupon. A thought from us. Love is what keeps humanity going. During this pandemic, it is our love and care for ourselves, our family and friends which kept us following the guidelines put forward by the Health Department. Our love, is what made us want to protect them…

We are back!

After the festive season, we came back with new connections, new brands but above all more collectible items. Unfortunately we also came back to a different trading system when it comes to importing items from the UK. Yes, Brexit has affected businesses and people alike. Due to English being our second language, in Malta we…

News and Updates

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