Baby Tuk Tuk Doll – Raya and the Last Dragon

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Baby Tuk Tuk Doll – Raya and the Last Dragon

In Disney’s action-adventure fantasy film “Raya and the Last Dragon,” clever young Raya always embarks on adventure with her best friend, Baby Tuk Tuk. His tiny size is perfect for sneaking into forbidden places, which makes him the perfect partner, as long as he isn’t distracted by snacks!

With this cute Baby Tuk Tuk, kids can imagine feeding Raya’s pint-sized friend a snack and snuggling him in a cozy blanket! The best part about this Baby Tuk Tuk toy? He makes sweet little sound effects with a squeeze. He has a beetle friend to keep him company, too! Also included are 3 snack-like accessories in vibrant colors — a watermelon, a banana, and a carrot. This sweet sound-making toy is an awesome addition to kids’ Raya and the Last Dragon doll collection.

Raya and the Last Dragon Baby Tuk Tuk Doll

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