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Barbie Clinic Playset

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Barbie Clinic Playset

Product Description

Kids can have all sorts of medicine-themed fun with the Barbie Fast Cast Clinic playset! This playset features a brunette Barbie doctor doll and four play areas – medical station, exam table, X-ray machine, and gift shop – for kids to create their own doctor-patient stories! Kids can make colorful casts for their Barbie doll ‘patient’ (sold separately) with the cast-making feature. This Barbie playset includes 30+ toy accessories and pieces, including dough containers, crutches, stickers and more!


  • The Barbie doll comes dressed in a plaid dress and a white doctor coat, with a stethoscope and clipboard in tow. She is ready to take care of her patients!
  • The brunette Barbie doctor doll can prepare at her station, take X-rays of patients and examine them on her table. If she suspects an injury, she can make a cast for them!
  • She can make pink, white or purple casts or wraps with the dough and cast-making toy accessory, which she can also decorate with stickers!
  • This Barbie playset also features toy accessories that Barbie can hold for more realistic play.

About this item

  • ​Wearing a plaid dress, white doctor’s coat, and sporting a stethoscope and clipboard, Barbie doctor doll (12 Inch / 3040 cm) is ready to take care of patients
  • ​Barbie doctor doll can prepare at her medical station, take X-rays and check patients on the exam table
  • ​When she determines a patient has a broken arm or leg, she can make a pink, purple or white cast with the dough and cast-making accessories
  • There are also stickers to decorate the patient’s cast
  • ​Barbie doctor doll can also use dough in the bandage-making station to create a wrap for her patient injuries as well
  • ​Some of the accessories feature a clip so Barbie doctor doll can hold them for even more realistic play
  • Makes an ideal gift for ages 3 and up
  • Why does this product have ‘reduced packaging’? We’ve worked hard to reduce unnecessary air and materials in our new, durable packaging, minimizing waste and emissions


Explore a World of Caretaking Fun!

​Learn all about caretaking fun and how to make a cast and bandage with this playset featuring Barbie doctor doll, 30+ play pieces, 4 play areas, cast and bandage making materials, medical and X-ray stations, an exam table, gift shop and more!


So Many Careers, So Many Possibilities!

​Fans can collect all the Barbie career dolls and toys to explore all a child’s dreams because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become!​



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