Disney Incredible2 Trail Game – Board game

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Disney Incredible2 Trail Game

Game for: 2–6 players, Age: 5–99, Playing time: 15 minutes
Game contents: 1 game board, 6 pieces, 1 playing dice

A new villain endangers the city. Fortunately, the Incredibles family is in action again. Join your favourite heroes Bob, Helen, Violet and Dash in their fight against the villain Underminer. The youngest, Jack-Jack with his new superpowers will be a great help to you. Reaching the safety of home will definitely not be an easy task, so let’s get into the fight, good luck!

The aim of the game is to overcome all traps, save the world and be the first to reach the safety of your home.

Place the unfolded game board in the centre of the table before the start of the game. Place a piece of your colour in the orange starting space with an arrow.

The bravest or youngest player starts the Disney Incredible2 trail game.
The players take turns in a clockwise direction moving their pieces around the game board by the number of spaces indicated after rolling the dice. Each space can be occupied by more pieces. Further actions are indicated by the colour or symbol of the space where the player has landed. Follow the rules on the instruction manual. The first player to reach the safety of home is the winner. The player does not have to land right on the finish space. It suffices to roll a corresponding or higher number of points on the dice.

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