Disney Princesses Code Game

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Disney Princesses Code Game

Visit a fairytale world full of fairies and princesses. A world where time has stopped and where good always triumphs over evil.

From the popular Princess stories from Walt Disney, a game where logic and thought is a must.
Can you guess the princesses your opponent chose?

Game consists of board game, 77 princess tokens and 42 evaluators

The principle of the game is to decipher the lock combination your opponent has set. Try guessing the combination in the lowest number of attempts.

Instead of a number lock, a picture lock with princesses is used.

There is a choice of seven different princesses. Four princesses have to be chosen and placed in a different order, all hidden from the opponent. The other player needs to try and guess the placement of the princesses. If the right position or princess is chosen, the box is checked to clarify the window correctly. This is carried on until the board game is full or until the opponent guesses all 4 princesses in order correctly.

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