Islands in the Mist – Board Game

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Islands in the Mist – Board game

Explore the misty terrain from your hot air balloon and use the wind to discover islands and any treasures they hold. Watch landscapes grow, cities rise and monuments form, as you connect your route across the islands.

What’s in the box?

  • Six start tiles
  • 96 landscape tiles
  • 15 “wild” landscape tiles
  • Seven city tiles
  • 15 monument tiles
  • 20 expansion tiles (for Mode 3)
  • Seven clouds
  • One bag
  • One harbor board (for Modes 2 & 3)
  • Four energy track boards
  • Four energy markers
  • Eight spyglasses (Mode 3)
  • Four balloons
  • One scoring pad
  • Four arrows
  • One bonus die
  • One direction die
  • Four island boards

How to play:

The game is played in four phases:

  • Distribute tiles: at the beginning of each round (except the first) the starting player draws landscape tiles randomly from the bag and places one on each cloud. Each cloud may contain a maximum of three tiles.
  • Roll dice: the player sitting to the right of the starting player rolls both the bonus and direction dice. They may decide for each die whether they want to roll it again. The second result of any re-rolled die is binding. The results rolled on the dice apply to all players!
  • Actions: players carry out three actions – moving their balloon, collecting tiles and placing tiles.
  • A new starting player is determined, and the next round begins.

If a player connects all six coasts of their island to their balloon yard with landscape tiles of any kind, the current round will be completed, and one final round will be played before the game ends.

After all players have finished their final turn, a final scoring takes place by counting points from the number of landscape tiles. The player with the highest total of victory points wins the game!


Islands in the Mist has three modes, each providing an increasing level of challenge for experienced players!

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