Kindi Kids Pirouetta Fun Time Friends

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Kindi Kids Pirouetta Fun Time Friends

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  • Pre-school Kindi Kids 10 inch doll and 2 Shopkin Accessories 
  • Pirouetta can hold her glitter-filled Star Wand
  • Comes with an “Oh so squishy” Macaron filling Shopkin!
  • Each Kindi Kid Fun Time Friend comes with 2 playful Shopkins!
  • You can remove her shoes and change her clothes for imaginary play!
  • Discover the colorful world of Kindi Kids and their amazing interactive Rainbow Kinder!

Discover The World Of Kindi Kids

The Rainbow Kindi is a colourful, magical Kindergarten where Kindi Kids and their Shopkins and other fun friends love to go and play each day. These adorable little girls are full of fun and play and they love attending Rainbow Kinder. A place where every day is about playing together and making friends!

With A Glitter Filled Wand!

Pirouetta has a beautiful Glitter filled Shopkin Wand. This cute Star-shaped wand is filled with sparkling glitter shapes that actually move about inside when you shake it! The Wand’s handle has a pretty pink ribbon and bow. Place it in Pirouetta’s hand. She can really hold it while you play together! It’s the perfect accessory when she hits the stage to put a show on for you!

A Squeezy Shopkin Macaron!

Pirouetta also comes with a delicious-looking “Oh so squishy” Macaron Shopkin! Squeeze down on the Macaron and see the squishy filling squeeze out! Pretty and pink, just like Pirouetta, could you meet a sweeter treat?

Removable Shoes and Clothes

The Kindi Kids Fun Time Friends have clothing and shoes that can be removed easily for extra imaginary play! Each Kindi Kid has a different outfit that suits your Kindi Kid’s personality and theme!

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