Magical Creatures #15 – Cornish Pixie

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Magical Creatures #15 – Cornish Pixie

This diorama is hand-painted and can be removed from the case.

Cornish Pixies are tiny blue creatures that are notoriously mischievous, helped by their ability to fly. Their disruptive tendencies were graphically illustrated when Gilderoy Lockhart opened a cage of them in a Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson.

The figurine fits onto its support to hold it steady, and is presented in a transparent box to highlight it.

Collect all 18 Magical Creatures, plus 6 Fantastic Beasts!

☞Please note all dimensions under ‘Information’ refer to the boxed product.

☞Age recommendation 14+

Length18.5 cmWidth10.5 cmDepth10.5 cmMaterialPBS plastic, acrylic case

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