Magical Creatures #18 – Grindylow

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Magical Creatures #18 – Grindylow

A hand-painted plastic diorama of a Grindylow.

Grindylows are very aggressive water demons known to reside in the Black Lake at Hogwarts. Harry Potter encountered the Grindylows during the Second Triwizard Task.

This figurine is part of the Magical Creatures – Harry Potter collection and is number 18.

The figurine fits onto its support to hold it steady and is presented in a transparent box to highlight it.

Collect all 18 Magical Creatures, plus 6 Fantastic Beasts!

☞Please note all dimensions under ‘Information’ refer to the boxed product.

☞Age recommendation 14+

Length 10.5 cm
Width 10.5 cm
Depth 18.5 cm
Material PBS plastic. Acrylic case.

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