My First Game Critter’s Closet

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My First Games have been designed specifically to develop important skills through game play.
Encourage a variety of early childhood skills with this easy-to-play, 3-step memory game!

  • Simple game play encourages early learners to use their memory skills to win the game
  • Develop vocabulary skills by encouraging players to talk about what they’re doing
  • Game box includes:
    • 20 dress up pieces
    • Four animal boards
    • Game spinner
    • Multilingual instructions
  • Game play features four common animals: rabbit, moose, hedgehog and cat
  • Animal boards get “dressed up” with accessories before being mixed up
  • Spinner features actions add, remove or switch an accessory
  • Instructions include three ways to play
  • For 2-4 players

How to play

  • Players select an animal board each
  • They choose a variety of different dress up pieces and put them on their animal board
  • Players need to memorise what their animal looks like
  • Spin the spinner but don’t look! Another player will add, remove or switch an accessory on your animal board
  • Players need to successfully identify how their animal has been changed

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