Pokémon Carry Case Playset

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Pokémon Carry Case Playset

  • Includes 1 Pokémon Carry Case Playset and 2-inch Pikachu figure.
  • Gotta Catch ‘Em All! ™
  • Re-enact your very own Pokémon Battles and explore the Pokémon world with this feature filled Carry Case Playset!
  • Tons of features including a bounding boulder trap, treetop trap door, battle arena complete with launch pads, secret caves perfect spots for hiding in, spinning whirlpool, tree-top platform look-out spots, sneak attack launch pads, and so much more.
  • It is scaled for any 2-inch Pokémon figure and when your adventures are complete it all folds up easily into Ash’s iconic Kanto Region backpack.
  • Perfect for safely storing all your Pokémon figures in one place.
  • This playset is sure to be top of every budding Pokémon fan’s wish list!

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