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Early learners will love developing their maths skills with this tasty treat-themed activity set.

  • Attractive set combines imaginative play and maths development
  • Develops early vocabulary skills through imaginative play activities
  • Engaging early maths activity set will encourage a variety of basic skills:
    • Sorting and patterning
    • Colour recognition
    • Basic addition
  • Activities will help build fine motor skills as young learners scoop up the ice cream
  • Comprehensive activity set includes:
    • Four coloured bowls
    • Four plastic ice cream cones
    • 20 scoops of ice cream (five each of four colours)
    • 23 double-sided activity cards
    • Ice cream scooper
    • Activity spinner
  • Bowls and ice cream feature four colours: red, green, blue and yellow
  • Activity cards feature numbers 1 – 10, patterns, colours and colour words and mathematical symbols (+, -, =, >, <)
  • Multilingual activity guide includes eight suggested ways to play: Colour Sorting, Colour Patterns, Order Up, Counting Cones, Number Match, Ice Cream Operations, Scoop Away (for two players) and Stack It High
  • Includes ice cream themed container for easy storage
  • Container measures 13.75cm W x 10cm H x 8.75cm D
  • Features multilingual packaging

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