Super Mario Bowser’s Castle

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Super Mario Bowser’s Castle

The Deluxe bowser’s castle playset lets you explore this classic level from the super Mario video games Included in this playset are an exclusive two-and-a-half-inch Bowser figure interactive environment pieces with feature mechanisms and authentic in-game sounds You can move the lift up and down spin the Fireballs open the bottom of the cage and defeat Bowser by triggering the trap door to drop him into the lava below one Activate the in-game sounds and music by pressing down on one of the castle Spires This playset works with most two and a half inch figures

About this item

  • Explore Bowser’s castle with all its feature mechanisms and sounds
  • Includes exclusive two-and-a-half-inch articulated Bowser figure
  • Interact with the lift by moving it up and down
  • Spin the fireballs back and forth for authentic gameplay action
  • Drop Bowser into the lava by triggering the trap door

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