Arthur Weasley’s Wand – Harry Potter

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Arthur Weasley’s Wand

Arthur Weasley,
is married to Molly. He is the bread winner of the Weasley family.
After finishing his schooling at Hogwarts within the Gryffindor house, he joined the Ministry of Magic. He is a staunch defender of Muggles. He is passionate about their way of life and spends his time bewitching Muggle objects. In return this earns him a lot of taunts from his fellow wizards, especially Lucius Malfoy.
He is a good father, a benevolent man, who also advocates equality for all: wizards, muggles, giants, werewolves…
He joined the Second Order of the Phoenix and he took part in the Battle of Hogwarts.


Product Description

Authentic and official replica of Arthur Weasley’s wand from the Harry Potter films. This resin wand is supplied in the box of the ” characters ” collection and is accompanied by a name plate. The stick imitates light wood. The twisted handle is embellished with several balls of different sizes.

Officially licensed Harry Potter TM product.

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