Disney 4 in 1 Game – Family Game

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Disney 4 in 1 Game – Family Game

Ensures to provide hours of Fun with 4 different Family Games

Box Includes: 1 double-sided game board, 1 coloured dice, 24 pieces in 6 colours, 4 tables and 24 solid cards for Lot, 25 cards for Black Peter

Board Games :
Lion Guard -Take it Easy!
Game Pieces:  1 Game Board, 1 Colour Dice, 24 Pieces in 6 Colours

GOAL OF THE GAME: The first player rolls the dice and moves forward in the direction of the arrow to the next colour field which matches the colour on the dice. If the colour on the dice is the same as is the players colour, the player can place another piece from his reserve in the game.

Game Pieces: 1 Game Board, 1 Colour Dice, 6 Pieces in 6 Colours
Goal Of the Game:
The task of players is to drive safely through the whole race track and to reach first the finish.

Card Games :
Game Pieces: 25 Cards – 12 Pairs (marked with the same symbol) + 1 Black Peter
Get rid of all cards. The winner is the player who gets rid of all his cards first, while the last player who ends with Black Peter is the looser

Game Pieces: 4 Table Cards, 24 solid cards
The First player who covers all fields on his table by the matching cards is the Winner.

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Disney 4 in 1 Game



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