Kindi Kids – Blossom Berri D’Lish

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Kindi Kids Scented Big Sister Doll – Blossom Berri D’Lish
Kindi Kids – Blossom Berri D’Lish

  • Contents: A baby doll and accessories
  • My head wobbles and bobbles when you pick me up! Watch me come to life
  • You can remove my shoes and change my clothes for imaginary play
  • I have a sweet strawberry blossom scent
  • Dimensions: 10.2L x 14.1W cm 25.4H cm

Product Description

Kindi Kids Scented Sisters are the cutest Pre-Schoolers around! Berri D’Lish is an adorable little girl who’s full of fun and play and has the sweetest most delicious Strawberry Blossom scent!

Pick her up and see her come to life! With big, glittery eyes, beautiful strawberry hair and an adorable head that bobbles with every movement, She is all set to help you get ready for Kinder! Berri is curious and fearless, she’s a real go-getter – especially when going after a silly pun! She’s berry mischievous and sometimes will find herself in a patch of trouble, but she’s quick on her feet and can solve any jam!

Berri D’Lish has changeable clothes and removable shoes! She is the perfect size for small hands to play with and just right for hugs and cuddles!

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