Miradero Festival Doll Abigail

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Miradero Festival Doll Abigail 

Be a part of the friendship, bravery, and adventure with DreamWorks animated film, Spirit Untamed!

Inspired by the colorful Miradero festival in the movie, the Abigail Festival doll (approx. 7-in/17.78-cm) wears a cute festival dress and comes with a floral crown and brush to celebrate the festival fun. Her horse, Boomerang (approx. 8-in/20.32-cm) has a long mane, floral garland and a saddle to play out the festival fun, too! The saddle has a clip so kids can attach the doll to the horse and ride.

Colors and decorations may vary.

Makes a great for ages 3 years old and up.

About this item

  • Experience friendship, courage and adventure with the cartoon Spirit Untamed from DreamWorks!
  • The doll Abigail (approx. 17.78 cm) wears a sweet, festive dress and a flower crown inspired by the colourful street party in the movie location Miradero. With this outfit, Abigail is ready for everyone
  • Your horse Boomerang (approx. 20.32 cm) has a long mane, a flower garland and a saddle with clip to which the doll can be attached for riding.
  • Kids will love celebrating with Abigail doll and her horse Boomerang just like in the movie.
  • A great gift for children aged 3 and up, especially for anyone who means friendship, fashion and horses!



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