Puzzle pad for Puzzles up to 3000pcs

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Puzzle pad for Puzzles up to 3000pcs

Don’t have time to finish your puzzle in one sitting? No worries! The Puzzle Pad Roll-up jigsaw puzzle mat from Schmidt has your back! Start assembling your puzzle on the felt mat. When you’re ready to take a break, simply roll the puzzle and mat up around the sturdy plastic roller and slide it back into the box. It’ll be ready for you to unroll and keep working whenever you are! Pieces stay firmly in place.
Approximate size: 46″ x 33″ – appropriate for puzzles up to 3,000 pieces
Handwashable. Allow to dry flat.

It’s not always possible to finish a puzzle in one sitting and that’s where the Puzzle Pad come in. You just do your puzzle on it, roll ut up and put it away. The next day you simply unroll it., do your puzzle, roll it up and put it way again.

Suitable for up to 3000pc jigsaw.
Safety Warning Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
Box Contains 1 x Puzzle-Pad


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