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Barbie Groom ‘n Care Playset

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Barbie Groom ‘n Care Playset with Doll and Horse Toys

The Barbie Groom ‘n Care playset features fencing with a trough, shower and styling station where Barbie doll can groom her horses. Brush both pets’ manes, then use ice-cold water to reveal colorful streaks! Use warm water to reverse the color change and repeat again and again. Add a hair extension accessory or flower crown, then load the special styling tool and press onto the horses’ manes or Barbie doll’s hair to apply adorable butterfly clips. When kids have completed the pals’ looks, they can help Barbie doll feed her pets a carrot snack -both horses’ heads can nod up and down for a sweet feeding moment. Finally, bend Barbie doll at the knees and seat her in the larger horse’s saddle to go for a ride. With a Barbie doll, two horses, and over 20 themed pieces, the storytelling possibilities are endless! Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Product Description

The Barbie Groom ‘n Care playset features all kinds of fantastic playtime possibilities that inspire nurturing and styling play. This set features a Barbie doll and her two horse friends. Brush both their manes, and use cold water to reveal colourful streaks! Warm water reverses the colour change. Add a hair toy accessory to the hoses, or feed them a carrot and watch their heads bop!

The Barbie doll’s knees bend, so kids can seat her on top of the horses and take her on all kinds of adventures! Also comes with 20+ themed doll accessories.


  • Young pet  lovers will adore the Barbie Groom ‘n Care playset, which comes with a Barbie doll, two pet horse figures and 20+ toy accessories to inspire nurturing play
  • Kids can set up some decorative fencing, trough, shower and styling station to bring the horse-themed stories to life!
  • Features colour-change technology; use cold water to reveal colourful streaks in the horses’ manes, and use warm water to reverse the colour.
  • Kids can place styling toys on the horses’ manes or the Barbie doll’s hair, press down, and apply many adorable butterfly clips!
  • Use the trough and carrot snack to feed the horses; their heads bop up and down in approval! Bend the Barbie doll at the knees, seat her in the saddle and take her for a horse ride!

General information:

  • Suitable for 13 inch (33cm) height dolls.
  • Includes Barbie wearing T-Shirt, overalls, shoes & headband, 1 horse with saddle & bridle, 1 pony, 1 piece of fencing with attached shower, 1 trough, 1 basket, 1 bucket, 1 helmet, 1 bunch carrots, 2 brushes, 1 comb, 2 bottles, 2 flower crowns, 2 hair extension clips and 9 butterfly clips with applicator tool.
  • Size H32.39, W50.8, D11.43cm.
  • For ages 3 years and over.


The Barbie Groom ‘n Care playset inspires endless storytelling play with Barbie doll, two horses and everything they need for a glamorous day of grooming!


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