Disney Mad Tea Party

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Disney Mad Tea Party

Bring the Mad Hatter’s tea party to your family’s game table with Disney Mad tea Party!

Join your favorite friends from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland in this topsy-turvy teacup-stacking game! Play a card to place a teacup, but don’t let the tilting tower fall! Each card tells you which teacup to stack, or adds a fun twist to the tea party. The Mad Hatter may give you a tip, or he may tip the table. Maybe the Cheshire Cat will help you stay on top. Look out for the White Rabbit! Be the first to play all your cards to win. See how tall the tea party gets in this wild Wonderland game!

• 12 teacups in three sizes and four colors with Wonderland designs
• Tilting tea party table and angled “tea” creates eye-catching topsyturvy stacks of teacups
• Easy to learn—play a card, do what it says, and be the first to run out of cards to win
• Enjoyable with a range of players, plays well from 2 players all the way to 10!
• For accessible play or younger players, choose to play without the wobbly table base

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