Frozen 2 Forest Expedition Set

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Frozen 2 Forest Expedition Set

On an epic adventure together beyond Arendelle, Anna and Elsa meet Honeymaren and Ryder in the Enchanted Forest. Kids can recreate scenes from Disney’s Frozen 2 with the Forest Expedition Set, a 4-pack of classic fashion dolls inspired by the movie. This doll set features favorite returning characters Anna and Elsa, and new characters in the Frozen world, Ryder and Honeymaren. Each fashion doll features a movie-inspired outfit and comes with a pair of shoes. The Anna, Elsa, and Honeymaren dolls all include long, soft hair for more ways to play.

About this item

  • 4 different characters from Disney’s Frozen 2, kids can recreate these characters’ adventures from the movie or imagine their own.
  • In Disney’s Frozen 2, Anna and Elsa meet Honeymaren and Ryder on an epic adventure far beyond Arendelle
  • The Honeymaren doll and Ryder doll are inspired by the adventurous siblings in the movie who long to wander the open lands of the North with their people and beloved reindeer
  • Anna, Elsa, and Honeymaren dolls each have rooted hair that kids can play with
  • Fans of the Disney Frozen movies will love this doll set as a birthday gift or holiday present to play out scenes or create their own

Ideal for Children Age 3 and up.

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